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Soybean / Corn Straw Bales at 250kg ea

Earthway Experience Permaculture – Șomartin – October 2019 Update

This year, 2019, Adina and I were able to spend the entire month of October working around the Earthway Experience Permaculture and Retreat Center in Șomartin. Besides the projects listed

Front of House 4 with #3 to Right Side

An Autumn Walk Around Somartin – Transylvania – Romania

In October we visited Somartin for most of the month. One morning after feeding the pigs, I had no other chores, I took a walk around the village of Somartin.

Re-Making an Herbal Spiral @ 60 degrees North

In about 2010 I started to take away the grass lawn at our home in Leksand. As Permaculture teaches…” a lawn is a desert to insects, butterflies, and bees.” The

Soap Making 101 – Designing the Soap Recipe

Earthway Experience Permaculture & Eco Retreat Center have many projects including soap making and other DIY videos and would appreciate your support.Please visit our Patreon Pageand show your support in

Earthway Experience is Seeking Volunteers

As we at Earthway Experience continue to grow, we are finding that we have less time to accomplish these ever-expanding tasks. We would like to keep a high quality to

Cooperative of the Craftsmen

Green Nature Therapy Update

Our collective Earth Misery intensifies, as our disconnection from Nature accelerates. There are children whose feet never touch soil or grass, who walk only on concrete and asphalt. Many rush

Green Nature Healing – It’s Not Easy Being Green – Living the Earthway “Transylvania Style”

In the fall of 2017 Adina and I purchased a Saxon house and barn with 3000m2 (0.74 acres) and the following year we were able to purchase the house and

First Use and Cleaning of Embossed Soap Molds

Cleaning and First Use of Embossed Soap Molds Please wash before the first use. Soak the mold in diluted cleaning liquid for 10-30 minutes. Use the soft sponge or soft

Somartin Permaculture Update September 2018

September 30, 2018 Kevin Jarvis We did LOTS of things in our three weeks visiting Somartin Earthway Experience…. One of the first things we did upon arrival was to hire two local villagers to dig

Traditional Heating (with a modern twist) of a Saxon House in Transylvania Romania with Earthway Experience.

April 24, 2018 – Kevin Jarvis The Barn is on the left.To the right is the building with the bake oven and a room that was originally a dentists office. The house is to right. In