5PCS Palette Knife Set with Sturdy Wooden Handles

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5PCS Palette Knife Set with Sturdy Wooden Handles 


 Palette knife set are made of wooden and stainless steel. 
Five different sizes and shapes meet different demands when painting. 
Well-designed handles that shaped almost perfectly to fit in your hand comfortably for use and away from paint surface
The wooden handle of knife is pretty good, easy to hold but the straight nature of these knives does tend to result in your hand hitting the painting if you aren’t careful. 

Acrylic Painting 
Watercolor Painting 
Oil Painting 
Ink Painting 
Gouache Painting 
Plein Air Painting 
Crafts Painting 
Miniatures Painting 
Models Painting 
Rock Painting 
Nail Painting 
Face Painting 
Body Painting

Material: Stainless Steel Blade, Wooden Handle 
Handle Color: Chocolate Brown 
Wooden Handle Length: about 11cm (4.33inch) 
Crank Horizontal Length: about 2.5cm (0.985inch) 
Blade Size (Blade Length, Widest Point): 
#1 Small Diamond Scraper: 4.1, 1.4cm / (1.61, 0.55inch) 17.6 
#2 Square Scraper: 4.8, 2.1cm / (1.89, 0.83inch) 18.3 
#3 Medium Diamond Scraper: 6.2, 2.1cm / (2.44, 0.83inch) 19.7 
#4 Elongated Diamond Scraper: 7.6, 1.6cm / (2.99, 0.63inch) 21.1 
#5 Large Elongated Diamond Scraper: 8.8, 2.1cm / (3.47, 0.83inch) 22.3 

Total Length of Palette Knife : 
#1 Palette Knife: 17.6cm (6.93inch) 
#2 Palette Knife: 18.3cm (7.20inch) 
#3 Palette Knife: 19.7cm (7.76inch) 
#4 Palette Knife: 21.1cm (8.30inch) 
#5 Palette Knife: 22.3cm (8.78inch) 

1 x Palette Knifes Set (5pcs)



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