25 Pcs Leather Craft Hand Tool Set

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25 Pcs Leather Craft Hand Tool Set

The kit contains:
1, leather Wooden handle skiving knife
2, 1mm round hole punch 4mm spacing 2 Prong
3, 1mm round hole punch 1 Prong
4, Short V Shaped Groover 95mm
5, Pricking Iron 1 Prong
6, Pricking Iron 4mm spacing 2 Prong
7, Pricking Iron 4mm spacing 4 Prong
8, Pricking Iron 4mm spacing 6 Prong
9, Metal scissors (Random Color)
10. Hand sewing needle 20 Pcs *1
11, Storage needle cylinder (Random Color)
12,Leather Sewing Waxed Thread 150D 50M (brown)
13,Leather Sewing Waxed Thread 150D 50M (yellow)
14,Leather Sewing Waxed Thread 150D 50M (black)
15,Leather Sewing Needles Set 7 Pieces
16,Wood Handle Awl
17,Red awl with hole
18,Red awl with hook
19,Leather Edge Wood Slicker Burnishes
20,Leather thinning knife & 10 blade
21,Adjustable Stitching Groover
22,Wide Mouth Edge Beveler
23,1mm Leather Edge Beveler
24,Adjustable Edge Creaser
25,26mm Leather Press Edge Roller

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Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions20 × 10 × 3 cm

Wood and metal

The kit contains 1

leather skiving knife/thinning knife & 10 blade

The kit contains 2

1mm round hole punch 4mm spacing 1 & 2 Prong

The kit contains 3

Short V Shaped Groover 95mm/Adjustable Stitching Groover

The kit contains 4

Pricking Iron 4mm spacing 1 2 4 6 Prong

The kit contains 5

Metal scissors (Random Color) / Edge Beveler

The kit contains 6

Hand sewing needle 7 Pcs & 20 Pcs / Press Edge Roller

The kit contains 7

Storage needle cylinder (Random Color)

The kit contains 8

Leather Sewing Waxed Thread 150D 50M (brown/Yellow/black)

The kit contains 9

Wood Handle Awl / with hole /with hook

The kit contains 10

Leather Edge Wood Slicker Burnishes


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