The Earthway Experience is a project dedicated to Land Stewardship, Education, Research, and Sustainable Living.

Our vision is to be strong caretakers of the land as taught by native cultures around the world, where looking 7 Generations into the future is a daily occurrence.

Through the acts of demonstration and education, we share what we have learned with others.

In 2017/18, we have sold our lake property in Sweden and bought a Saxon house, barn, and small parcel of land in Somartin in the Transylvania region of Romania. 

We will be relocating to Somartin in Transylvania in the Summer of  2022. Plans include guests coming to stay and learn to live “The Earthway” at this special place. Also, plans for opening a small brewpub and having several rooms for hire.

Please take a look at Our Blog, we will be posting there as we transition to Transylvania.

If you would like to become an intern or visit for an extended period of time or are interested in receiving your online Permaculture Design Certification (PDC) please Contact us.

We welcome visitors to our experiment, to Experience The Earth Way!