About Us

The History of Our Roots

We started using the principles of Permaculture to enhance our site on Lake Siljan as well as at our home in Leksand in 2006. In 2017 we purchased a house, barn and a small parcel of land in the village of Somartin. The village is  located in the Transylvania region of Romania
By using Permaculture Principles, we care for the land and environment (local birds, bees, butterflies and other wildlife), we care for ourselves and others by eating organically and locally grown food and we give away or sell the excess – no waste!

Who We Are

Earthway Experience was founded in the 1990s by Kevin Jarvis.

What We Are Doing Now

In 2017 we purchased a Saxon house and barn on 3000 m2 in Transylvania. Early 2018 brought the addition of the house and land next door. We now have 6000m2 of land and will be improving the land using Permaculture Ethics and Principles

If you are interested in visiting and lending a hand…please contact us. 🙂