An Autumn Walk Around Șomartin – Transylvania – Romania

Front of House 4 with #3 to Right Side

In October we visited Somartin for most of the month. One morning after feeding the pigs, I had no other chores, I took a walk around the village of Somartin.

The county of Bruiu in the district of Sibiu is one of the hardest-hit rural areas for depopulation in all of Romania.
Starting after WWII and continuing into the 1990s the population has diminished by up to 50%.

Both Somartin and the neighboring village, Bruiu, are in the process of getting our streets paved as well as installing new gutters on the side of the roadway.
As you will see the Somartin’s roads have not been paved yet and the gutter on the side of the road has only been installed in some places.

The two dogs that followed are our neighbors’ dogs. They had as much fun as I did this beautiful fall day, October 2019

 I started up near the right corner. As you can see it was only a portion of the village that I covered that beautiful morning.Satellite View Somartin w/ Walk Outline

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