Re-Making an Herbal Spiral @ 60 degrees North

In about 2010 I started to take away the grass lawn at our home in Leksand.
As Permaculture teaches…” a lawn is a desert to insects, butterflies, and bees.”

Re-Making of Our Herbal Spiral

The video starts with a hardly recognizable Herbal Spiral. Thai basil and other herbs had overgrown it. The basil and plants there was a haven for the bees, so I replanted them in the backyard on a chop and drop pile (pictures below) that I started in 2006 when I move into the house.
The new spiral took 560 liters of organic soil mix and 80 liters of organic cow manure.
The soil was topped with 40 liters of wood chips as mulch.
On top of the spiral is a sage plant that was on the original Herbal Spiral. Then two Rosemary and two Thyme. The Rosemary and Thyme were purchased at a local plant nursery, and we have many other herbs in the greenhouse waiting to be planted on it soon.

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