Be It By Fire or Be It By Ice – The Warriors are Fighting Amongst Themselves and Forgetting the Real “Battle”.

In the early 1990s, I started becoming increasingly aware of the destruction of our natural environment. During this time I was attending week-long courses at Tom Brown Jrs – The Tracker School.
He warned us then…” that as the battle to save our natural environment raged over the horizon the warriors on route would become distracted and start to battle amongst themselves.”

We have the planet being destroyed by human greed and neglect, rivers and oceans so polluted the fish and plant life are dying at a rate never seen before. First I became aware of Peak Oil. The concept of peak oil is often credited to geologist M. King Hubbert whose 1956 paper first presented a formal theory. He was literally laughed out of his profession until the first oil crisis happened in the 1970s. Permaculture was developed by Bill Mollison and Davis Holmgren because of these same events.

Al Gore then hit the scene with the movie “The Inconvenient Truth.” The Global Warming debate started. Many of us eco-warriors got on that bandwagon. I feel because we knew something must be done to stop the destruction of our environment.

Several years ago I started to pay attention to the “opposite side”, The Mini Ice Age or Grand Solar Minimum team. The data they show is compelling and seems correct. Glaciers in Greenland are showing a surprising regrowth (to scientists) as shown in the following article – Fastest-Thinning Greenland Glacier Threw NASA Scientists for a Loop. It’s Actually Growing.
Data from the Danish Meteorological Institute shows 2018 sea ice thickness at highest levels since 2004.
In 2009 the Inconvenient Truth foretold of an ice-free Arctic in just 5 – 7 years. Sea Ice levels are Still Going Strong says Onar Am via Liberty Nation.

What bothers me is the negative emotional appeal both side use, the mudslinging and the name calling. What side is correct? Does it matter? I think both sides agree that humans will have a very difficult time in the future whichever scenario comes to be.
Be It By Fire or Be It By Ice – The Warriors are Fighting Amongst Themselves and Forgetting the Real “Battle”.

Let us bury the hatchet as the Great Peacemaker of the Haudenosaunee, commonly called the Iroquois Confederacy, tells us to do. Is it too late, can we make a change, only time will tell and I am asking those around me on both sides of the fence to come together, shake hands, bury the hatchet and let us walk arm in arm.

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