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As you can see by reading The Earthway Blog posts over the past two years, we are growing and progressing at an amazing pace.

Today as I wrote this, May 19, we have new additions to Earthway Experience – Somartin, we just purchased four pigs.

We honestly can use your support in the following project and programs @ Earthway Experience including:

1. Green Nature Therapy Program where participants come closer to Nature in the Green Hills of Somartin.
2. Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Ecopsychology by Dissertation (Ph.D.) for Kevin to facilitate Green Nature Therapy Programs and other future Programs at Earthway Experience Permaculture & Eco Retreat Center.
3. Animals are an integral part of Permaculture and of the Green Nature Therapy Program. In addition to the chickens and pigs we have, we will be adding a cow and many dozens of sheep.
4. Our first food forest garden was planted this year and we will be needing to exp[ant them exponentially.
5. We would like to build a large Solar Green House for your round growing in Transylvania.
6. The roofs of four building need an overhaul and new roofing tiles.
7. We would like to purchase the house nearby and its attached piece of land. In the house, guest speakers or special guests can stay. On the small piece of land adjacent to it, we would like to build a communal living house, with private, semi-private and group sleeping rooms. Attached to the sleeping area will be a large gathering room and group earing area.

There is more on our list but I feel you are understanding our request for your help.

Our Patreon Page is – Earthway Experience is creating a Permaculture & Eco Retreat Center.


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