Earthway Experience is Seeking Volunteers

As we at Earthway Experience continue to grow, we are finding that we have less time to accomplish these ever-expanding tasks. We would like to keep a high quality to all we do here at Earthway Experience Permaculture.

With this in mind, we are seeking a volunteer as a webmaster, with at least intermediate and hopefully more advanced skills in WordPress. Maintaining and perhaps upgrading as well as

I have been working with HTML since Netscape Navigator Gold (the first WYSIWYG / Web Design Browser) was still in beta in the early 1990s. As a technical person can see, this site is using WordPress. I am learning more and more about WordPress but as stated above, it is taking time away from my studies and writing and most of all, time away from caring for the gardens.

If you have the necessary skills and a little free time please contact me at

As we continue to expand we will be updating this page. If there is some area you would like to help and it is not listed, we welcome you contacting us.
Thank You in Advance

Earthway Experience Permaculture & Eco Retreat Center have many projects including soap making and other DIY videos and would appreciate your support.
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and show your support in “Living the Earthway”

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