About a year ago, I had the idea to add an exciting new program to our Permaculture and Eco Retreat Center in Somartin. During my searches on the web, I found some information about Ecopsychology. I started looking for a degree related to this in counseling or some related field in Psychology, either Masters or Ph.D. level. None of them I found were what suited the program, Green Nature Therapy that I wanted to implement.

As I was researching our last post on May 5th – Green Nature Healing – It’s Not Easy Being Green – Living the Earthway “Transylvania Style” I found a program from Project NatureConnect. It is for a Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Ecopsychology by Dissertation (Ph.D.). This program was exactly what I was looking for! Immediately I completed the application that included two (2) 400-word essays, paid for the first course and awaited a reply. The next few days were spent pouring over both of the programs sites Project NatureConnect and their other more comprehensive site, Ecopsychology in Action – Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature. Two books used in the introduction course were found, downloaded, printed and the reading and studying began. During this time I received my acceptance letter via email. As recommended in the acceptance letter, I called program supervisor and program designer Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D., Ed.D. After our conversation, he emailed me the third book to use in the course and reaffirmed that the course would begin on June 1.

Project NatureConnect Introduction

Over the past ten years, I have been writing thoughts and ideas, that I wanted to share with the world but did not know how or where or even when I would do so. After reading through the Program’s dissertation ideas, I knew where I could use them! New ideas flowed, and together, I now have a long head start on my dissertation. The course is 18 months and a good part of the course is spent validating your lives experience for credit towards your degree. After certain courses are completed, one then co-facilitates and teaching others.

If you are interested in a Certification, Bachelors, Masters or Ph.D. program I highly recommend Project NatureConnect.

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